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Texas Public Adjuster Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen Dwight Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster

  • What is a Texas public adjuster?
    There’s a big difference between a public insurance adjuster and the insurance adjuster who works for your insurer. A public adjuster is a professional insurance expert who can assist you in getting the best possible insurance settlement.
  • Who does the Texas public adjuster work for?
    The Texas adjuster works for you, the public while the insurance company adjuster works for the insurance. By hiring your own adjuster, your interests will be represented.
  • Should I buy insurance from a Texas public insurance adjuster?
    No. These professionals are not insurance representatives in any way and they will not sell you insurance.
  • How does a Texas-based public adjuster help me with my insurance claim?
    Because the adjuster is a Texan, he will be familiar with rebuilding costs in the area. Out of state adjusters sometimes base their estimates on the costs they are familiar with which can be significantly lower depending on where they are from.
  • Can’t I do it myself?
    Filing insurance claims can range from simple to complex. A minor fender-bender is one thing however a devastating loss to your home or business is incredibly complex. A Texas public adjuster can help you through this difficult time by handling the burden as well as maximizing your settlement offer.
  • Why should I hire a Texas public adjuster when I’m entitled to the money under my policy?
    A Texas public adjuster can help by getting you a larger offer. Their experience and expertise helps them to uncover and document losses that your insurance company may overlook. While you may be satisfied with the insurance offer, a public adjuster who knows Texas building customs and costs can dramatically increase the offer.
  • What does a public adjuster do for Texas policyholders?
    They handle everything from start to finish including paperwork, sifting through damaged goods, taking photos, making estimates, documenting repairs, and negotiating with the insurance company.
  • Does Texas license a public adjuster?
    Yes, in order to be a public adjuster in Texas, one must pass a licensing exam, post a bond, and maintain their license with continuing education.
  • How does the Texas public adjuster help me get paid faster?
    Texas has a prompt payment policy however payments can be delayed each time the insurance company asks for further documentation or more information. Public adjusters are well versed in handling paperwork and documenting their findings that their thoroughness virtually eliminates stalling tactics.
  • How much should I pay the Texas public adjuster?
    In Texas, a public adjuster can only charge a fee if they can get you a larger settlement offer than the insurance company originally proposes. Once this happens, you will pay the adjuster a percentage of the claim which is limited to ten percent.
  • What types of claims does a Texas public adjuster work on?
    They work on all types of claims including commercial and residential claims. Causes include hurricanes, storms, floods, hail, tornados, wind, fire, theft, vandalism, and even explosions or building collapses. If you have a covered loss in Texas, a public adjuster can help.

  • When should I hire a Texas public adjuster?
    At any time during the claims process.

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