Texas Public Adjusters help consumers with insurance claims

Texas Public Adjusters have typically worked as claims adjusters for one of the large Texas insurance companies and then elected to serve the general public with their experience. Texas Public Adjusters can either work for a Public Adjusting Company or independent.

The support that Texas Public Adjusters give can vary somewhat from other
states, however, Public Adjusters as a whole have the same goal; they aid the public in settling their property damage insurance claims for a reasonable amount.

One misconception consumers frequently have is mistaking the designation of Public Adjuster with the designation of a Private Adjuster.  Seemingly, a slight misnomer, Private Insurance Adjusters actually work as representatives of insurance companies. Public Adjusters represent only the interests of the policyholder and have no absolutely no affiliation with any insurance company. In addition, Public Adjusters are proficient in property damage estimating and are amply acquainted with local building codes

A major problem we have subsequent to a major disaster is when out of state claims adjusters with potentially limited construction estimating knowledge, descend on Texas to write damage repair estimates where building codes are frequently changing and building design may vary from the way buildings are designed in the claims adjusters home state.



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Stephen Dwight Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster

Texas Public Adjuster License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, TX 77043
Tel: (713) 689-9177
Fax: (281) 596-7508

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It is essential that mass amounts of claims adjusters
come to ravaged areas after a natural catastrophe due to the volume of property damage and small amount of adjusters that are located permanently in any individual city. 

We are thankful for the many hours and unyielding workloads that so many claims adjusters endure for Texas residents after a catastrophe.  And we understand, as in any business with any amount of volume, problems will occur.  However, in some small number of cases the people responsible for correcting these problems, fail to do so. 

This is why Public Adjusters exist and why the Texas Department of Insurance licenses Public Adjusters in the state of Texas.



Due to the manner in which TX Public Adjusters are compensated for their work, even policyholders that are utterly bankrupted by a disaster can afford their services. This is because TX Public Adjusters charge absolutely nothing up front.  TX Public Adjusters are only allowed to charge a percentage of a claim, and then there is no fee charged at all if your claim doesn't settle for more than you have already received.

Sadly, Public Insurance Adjusting is a fairly specialized profession.  Due to this, Public Adjusters are exceptionally limited in number and following a large catastrophe their help can be especially difficult to retain.  In the event of a Hurricane, it is always best to contact a Texas Public Adjuster once you know it is likely the track of the hurricane will cross your property.  Early contact with a Public Adjuster will provide infinitely quicker response in case your property is damaged.


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